Cream with bio hemp oil, extract from Physalis Angulata, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, pro-vitamin B5, D-panthenol, shea butter, lavender essential oil, beeswax and lanolin has regenerative effects on skin prone to eczema.


  • for adults with signs of dermatitis of allergic origin (atopic eczema) or non-allergic origin in the acute or resting phase
  • daily treatment of affected dry areas of the skin
  • for individuals with very sensitive skin with a tendency to eczema
  • for individuals whose skin on hands shows callosities, calluses or cracks caused by hard manual work



  • Helps restore weakened skin barrier
  • Helps soothe reddened skin during eczema signs
  • Helps eliminate unpleasant itchiness and burning sensation of the skin caused by eczema
  • Helps soothe, relieve and regenerate the skin
  • Thanks to bio hemp oil and its unsaturated fatty acid content, it can balance skin pH and restore its natural microfilm
  • For long-term use without undesirable effects
  • Easy to spread, absorbs well and helps soften the flaky eczematous skin
  • Fragrance-free, suitable for very sensitive skin, does not contain parabens and artificial dyes



  • Bio hemp oil – harmonizes condition of the skin cells and balances the pH of the skin. At the same time, it helps restore the natural protective microfilm and thus increases the skin resistance to the negative effects of the environment. A great advantage of cannabis oil is its hypoallergenicity.
  • Extract from Physalis Angulata (angular winter cherry) – is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The plants are part of traditional treatment systems that are used to treat many diseases such as malaria, asthma, hepatitis, dermatitis, rheumatism etc. Physalis extract supresses itching.
  • Group B vitamins – are antioxidants and improve the symptoms of allergies. Group B vitamins contribute to maintenance of a healthy nervous system, skin, eyes, hair, liver, and oral cavity, just like in maintaining a healthy digestive tract tension and adequate brain function. They also significantly contribute to acceleration of wound and injuries healing.
  • Shea butter – is known for its great effects on treatment and nourishment of the skin, it also helps suppress symptoms of various forms of eczema. Thanks to its dense consistency it is exceptionally suitable for skin care in winter, at any time during bad weather, protecting the skin from weathering. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it is used to treat minor burns, wounds, scars and to protect against UV rays – it contains a naturally occurring UV filter 4.
  • D-panthenol – Strongly hydrates the skin, softens it and helps to smooth out the wrinkles, heals the cracks of the skin and eliminates the formation of scales. It restores the natural balance of the skin. It regenerates and accelerates natural regeneration of cells which is especially used in treating light burns or skin irritations caused by excessive sunlight, insect bites, etc. It re-optimizes the physiological functions of the skin.
  • Lavender essential oil – accelerates healing of skin cells during burns and minor injuries. It disinfects and regenerates the skin.
  • Beeswax, lanolin
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REVIFLEX EYE EMULGEL WITH INCA INCHI. Ultra-light emulgel, easy-to-absorb, lifting, soothing, regenerating and hydrating anti-aging anti-wrinkle care with REVIFLEX complex for instantly visible young look.
Protective lip balm with cannabis oil, D-panthenol and beta-carotene designed for year-round use. The moisturizing and regenerating lip stick is subtly perfumed and has been dermatologically tested.

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